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Let India Develop Campaign

(Tell the miscreants in Indian society that it is ENOUGH!!!

Stop misleading people and Let India Develop!!!)


"A Factual Response to Hate Attack on IDRF" by “Friends of India”


Stop Hatred & Let India Develop

" ..... I would like our people to reduce their dependence on government for everything. For example, why should our cities and villages be so unclean and unhygienic? Can this not be changed visibly by changing the habits and the mindset of each one of us? Shouldn't citizens themselves initiate a drive for water conservation, energy conservation, and conservation of our precious cultural heritage? Shouldn't our society come down heavily against those who commit atrocities against women, dalits, adivasis and other weaker sections? Shouldn't our rich people provide more philanthropic resources for the care of the orphans, disabled, destitute, and senior citizens?

My thoughts especially go out to our children, who are the future of our nation. The government and society should work together with greater commitment to make all the emotional and material investment we can, to ensure that every Indian child is well fed, well educated and well looked after.

As a matter of fact, there are tens of thousands of unsung or little-sung heroes of development, both individuals and organisations, all over the country. They are inspired by the spirit of nationalism and the true meaning of religion as service to society --- Nar Seva is Narayan Seva.

Many of them are young people. Few things bring me greater joy than when I get to meet these selfless volunteers with soaring idealism. May the number of such individuals and organizations increase a thousand fold, and may they inspire each of us to do something more for our country in the New Year. ......"

Excerpts from India's Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's musings from Goa (12/31/2002).


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LetIndiaDevelop's response to TCSFH's violent reaction to our campaign


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