IDRF Does Good Work:

(Letter to Editor, India West, March 7th, 2003, by Khanderao Kand, Sunnyvale, CA, USA.)

I am a software engineer from Silicon Valley. For more than six months, anti India, anti democracy, anti Hindu forces are carrying a vicious campaign against some of good organizations like IDRF J W, Nov. 29). Though this campaign is called the "Campaign to Stop Funding Hate, it is actually a "campaign to stop funding Hindus."

Since I visited some of the projects sponsored by IDRF in India, I was convinced that IDRF is an organization that does good work and it would no way be engaged in any hate campaign. Hence, I regularly contributed to IDRF. When this campaign started I was appalled to see wide publicity given by your newspaper to this campaign of false allegations. Now, I just read a factual report on the accusations at the Web site This report has confirmed my faith in this organization. I would like to urge you to read the report and give appropriate publicity to it.