Motivation of Letter Writers:

(Letter to Editor, India West, March 14th, 2003, by Ashok Agarwal, Cupertino, CA, USA.)

I read Dr Subroto Kundu's opinion piece on IDRF with a lot of interest J-W, Feb. 28). IDRF or not, there are some very important general points made by Kundu which I would like to comment on.

Firstly, why in this society is being a Hindu considered so bad? I am the biggest proponent of religious diversity and harmony as the essential components of humanity and growth, but if one believes even half of what is published in the western media, Hindu nationalism is nothing but fundamentalism. Why? The most amazing part is that most of this work is being carried out by none other than our own.

Secondly, the "motivation of the letter writers." We should be able to see through this that (western) media exposure is being given only to those who will "denigrate their own." Are we so eager to read ourselves in print that we will stoop down to the level of bashing our own? If the writers are indeed motivated by the "injustice," then why don't I read their articles in the western media about the Christian missions and what they do?

I cannot but borrow an important excerpt from the IDRF Web site: "Is being for something always being against something else? Is loving your nation an indication of hating other countries? Is helping those closest to you an attempt at undermining others?"