Hate Humanity, Hate Hindus, Hallmark of Hate campaign:

(Letter to Editor, India Tribune, January 25th, 2003, by Gaurang Desai, Fremont, CA.)

Leftists, Communists, Fascists, Marxists. What is so common between all these “ists”? Simple. They are all shades of same red. And what has irked these communists that they would come out with such hate filled baseless report on India Development & Relief Fund (IDRF)? Well, the red is turning Saffron (a shade of red they hate the most).

What is so sensational about this report? If it was so sensational and damaging, why did Biju Mathew fly all the way to India? It is very simple. He had no bases to attack, but it is easy to bribe media (English) people in India (recent stories of Congress paying media people during Gujarat elections is a great example). Not only that, the Indian media with its hatred of Hindus was glad to cover this event.

They claim that IDRF helps people when Muslims get in trouble because IDRF funded victims of WTC because the terrorists were Muslims. They claim that IDRF funds victims of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir where terrorists are Muslims and finally, IDRF collected funds for victims of terrorism in Bangladesh. I wonder, who has not funded victims of WTC? If they only wanted to fund only Hindus of J&K, they would have gone to refugee camps in Delhi, instead of going to J&K. And finally, something about Bangladeshi refugees, if these morons had bothered to look little deeper, they would have realized that they never funded anyone in Bangladesh because it is not in their charter. I could not give funds (through IDRF) to support poor Hindus like Shefali, a fifteen-year-old girl, who was gang raped on October 2, 2001 or a fourteen-year-old girl who was gang raped on November 5, 2002 and many in between. Considering these people spent many months on this report; it appears they did not know what they were doing. Maybe, its time Muslims stop getting in trouble.

Now coming to Gujarat, they claim that IDRF did not help riot victims. Let me remind these people that they DID NOT fund the victims of train burning either. As for IDRF (through Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and Sewa Bharati) funding anti-minority riots, here is the news for these communists. They have been working in this field for decades. If they wanted to encourage riots, they would have done so long time ago. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, for example was established in 1952. Why would they wait for 50 years? Many non-BJP governments have given awards to Sewa Bharti and other charities funded by IDRF, but let’s not get facts come in our way shell we?

Report claims that IDRF has been duping its donors. Newsflash …. Overwhelming majority of the donors’ pick where they want to send the money. Matter of fact, during the Orissa cyclone, it was Oriya community that decided what and where the money will go. Considering most of the material in the report is derived from IDRF website itself, I am sure, donor can find the same material without any problem.

Some of the references in this report are interesting to say the least. Reference 29 on page 16 is from markazdawa.org, a Laskar-e-Toiba site. Does this mean; this report was generated by LeT? One of the reference points to an anti-IDRF article of Ashish Sen in Outlook magazine, same reporter wrote a glowing article about IDRF earlier in March.

Even their (communists’) favorite charities like ASHA and AID have funded projects branded as “Hindu Communal” by this report. Matter of fact, one ASHA report says about “Seva Bharathi is an RSS based organization. They however do not discriminate on a religious basis.” It further says about the Seva Bharathi volunteer, “….He (volunteer) seems to be really motivated and it was clear that he was the most involved with Seva Bharathi. He seems very dedicated and also very open to our discussions.”

One of the Boston area AID volunteer, in a discussion group says this about IDRF volunteer, “What appeared to me was that person talking to me is genuinely interested in India's development.“

If they really want to hurt IDRF, they have failed miserably.