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"A Factual Response to Hate Attack on IDRF" by “Friends of India”

The Sabrang/FOIL/FOSA “FAQ” meets reality
A critical look at FAQ on "The campaign to stop funding hate" site

Excerpts from India's Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's musings from Goa (12/31/2002). Please click here for the full text of his message.

" ..... As a matter of fact, there are tens of thousands of unsung or little-sung heroes of development, both individuals and organisations, all over the country. They are inspired by the spirit of nationalism and the true meaning of religion as service to society --- Nar Seva is Narayan Seva.

Many of them are young people. Few things bring me greater joy than when I get to meet these selfless volunteers with soaring idealism. May the number of such individuals and organizations increase a thousand fold, and may they inspire each of us to do something more for our country in the New Year. ......"

Marxism and Saffron Wave
by Francois Gautier in Rediff

Facts about the attack on IDRF by Sabrang communications and FOIL
Accusations versus Reality

  • Miraj Medical Center is in the "Religious" category, and its main activity is “welfare/health care”. “Religious”? True enough, but only the curious reader would bother to discover [7,8] that ".. the Miraj Medical Center, affiliated with the Church of North India, is the only fully comprehensive health care entity in a 150 mile radius...Ref. [7 &8 ] are the websites of the Presbyterian Church, USA, and the Church of North India, respectively.

  • The International Center for Cultural Studies, Nagpur, is also R-rated. It is also classified as being into “Hinduization”. ICCS has established enough credibility with Maoris of New Zealand to be running joint programs with them, according to the New Zealand website [14]. "Hinduizing" Maoris ?

  • Ambedkar Vaidyakeeya Pratishthan (Ambedkar Medical Establishment). Sabrang /FOIL rating: “R”. Activity: “e” – religious conversion.  Dr. Ambedkar, world renowned jurist was one of the fathers of the Indian Constitution.  He was a passionate advocate of the interests of underprivileged, so-called “low-caste” people – the people whom Mahatma Gandhi named “Harijans” or “The Lord’s People”. They are Hindus. The following unsolicited letter was received on Dec. 1, 2002 from a gentleman who has been there.

    Read more... [PDF]

Where there's no will to reform, there's extinction
Varsha Bhosle in Rediff

Reporting Bias
Francois Gautier on The Pioneer

We Need Development

Compiled by Friends of India

Campaign to Halt funding for the upliftment of Dalits and Adivasis
Study by Indiacause.com


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Anonymous Einsteins try to mislead LetIndiaDevelop Petition Signers

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