Let India Develop – A proactive movement gets

Intellectually violent reaction From TCSFH

Our response

It is not to our surprise that Marx believers behind the anti-IDRF Propaganda are again at their violent best.  It is a classic attitude of such people to see anything that doesn’t suit them, from the eyes of communism.  However it is high time to expose the biased attitude of these people and their anti civic activities and to subsequently stop their anti-developmental activities. 

As most of you are aware that we started this campaign with the concern that some disgruntled Indians with active support from anti-India elements, are bringing India’s development at halt with misleading campaigns.  “Sabrang Communications”, Mumbai, India, which publicized the report, also happens to be the organization which, for years, maintained the distorted map of India (with significant Indian portion shown in Pakistani territory) as their logo.  (Ref: http://www.indiacause.com/IC13_Idrf_Sabrang_Map.htm)

As we have said in our petition, today they are against IDRF, tomorrow it can be any other organization that doesn’t suit their needs and doesn’t follow their bankrupt ideology. 

While acknowledging “Let India Develop campaign” and its popularity, TCSFH (www.stopfunidnghate.org) delivered response on its web site with following comments on our campaign:

2) Signatories on a counter-petition launched by a group called "Let India Develop" http://www.letindiadevelop.org  are almost exclusively from Hindu upper castes. Contrast this with the diverse body of people who have signed the "Stop Funding Hate Campaign."….

3) Interestingly "Let India Develop" claims to represent the true heirs of Mahatma Gandhi, who incidentally fell to the bullet of Nathuram Godse, so glorified by "Hindu Unity" a sympathizer of IDRF. How can both Godse's heirs and Mahatma Gandhi's heirs support IDRF? Which of them is the true face of IDRF? An easy question to answer, particularly as Let India Develop, IDRF and Hindu Unity have the same volunteer base. The same individuals present different persona on these different websites!

(Ref: www.stopfundinghate.org)

First of all, as far as we are concerned, people supporting India’s development, signed our petition. 

After reading statement #2 above, one can easily see who is looking at each and every Indian with glasses of caste and religion.  Is it Let India Develop, IDRF or is it this group of Marxists?  These people are dividing society not only on the basis of religion and caste but also on the basis of professional background– such as researchers, scholars etc. In conclusion, as always they are creating division in the society for their intellectual satisfaction.  They are not looking for peace and harmony but conflict at all steps.  Hence, we think these are the modern breed of same culprits who in the past have created classes all over the world.

Response to statement #3:  It is utterly irresponsible to malign any individual or organization in a very irrelevant manner.  Just because someone who murdered Gandhiji happened to be a Hindu, one cannot blame all the Hindus or some organizations, even after so many years.  It is as good as blaming all Muslims for 9/11 attack.  Also then with the same logic, should we conclude that all communists are murderers because some of them were responsible for taking law in their hands causing deaths of innumerous innocent people all over the world to justify their ideology or demands?   

However, we think such discussion will lead no where and we are not interested in going in any such political discussion and discussions about the violent past of our opponent’s ideology. 

As far as their laughable claim regarding comments on our website: We found that some people displayed their intolerance and/or used indecent language, so we decided to eliminate responses and signatures that were not relevant to the cause.  Let India Develop is a responsible campaign and hence we could not tolerate words of hatred or indecency.  Also when someone submits an entry, it means that the person has read our petition and supports our cause.  In contrast, it has been also observed that people who are commenting on our campaign are editing each and every signature on their website! 

Unlike our friends at TCSFH, we started the sign campaign not for publicity or as number game, but to create awareness in people who love India, about the ideology that has become a barrier in India’s development – social and economic. 

And again we emphasize that our campaign is against those who are creating obstacles in India’s development.  We are committed to a strong and developed India that can be the beacon for the world in all aspects – science, technology, humanity, philosophy and culture. 

A Challenge from LetIndiaDevelop to TCSFH

Our love for India and our desire to Let India Develop is not against any other country or people.  Hence we would like to challenge the campaigners of Hate to talk only about India’s development without dividing the society.  We would like to challenge these Hate Campaigners and Marx Believers to state: 

- their views about India’s development and views about India’s national integrity – regional and political - in unequivocal terms. 

- their opinions about the terrorist menace that India is facing in Jammu and Kashmir and in Northeastern states. 

- their views about terrorist menace that the developed as well as developing world is facing especially since 9/11, and finally

We also urge these people to do some work without thinking of classes, castes – work for sheer development of society.  Being true followers of Gandhiji, though we pity these ignorant, we do not hate our opponents who are clinging on to the failed concept of communism. We certainly want this failed ideology to stay away from the path of India’s development.  We request these people to abandon the failed concepts that are creating negative attitude in their intellect, dividing the society and adopt a constructive mindset that will help develop India and the humanity at large.