A Factual Response to the Hate Attack on the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF)
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Accolades For IDRF-Supported NGOs

Many IDRF-supported NGOs have received awards from national (Indian) and international institutions.  These awards symbolize the selfless work being done by these NGOs and their dedication to their chosen mission.  Some of the accomplishments and awards are summarized below. 


Focus Area


Sookruthi, Orissa

Best Voluntary Organization Award 
from the Government of Orissa for its 
contributions to Orissa Super Cyclone
Relief and Rehabilitation efforts 
for Orissa Super Cyclone victims

Provided relief and rehabilitation efforts through tube wells,

coconut plans and mobile medical vans for sustainable economic development. 

Aparna Research & 
Charitable Trust

Won World Health Organization (WHO) 
award for fighting AIDS, among 
other things. 


The Hindu, recognizes Aparna to be a healthcare NGO:
The Financial Express tells us that Aparna has won a WHO award:

Ramakrishna Mission

 Won special mention for the UNESCO
 Madanjeet Singh Prize for Promotion 
of Tolerance and Non-violence 2002


UNESCO’s communication sent to the Ramakrishna Mission states that 
“This honorary mention highlights UNESCO’s recognition of your 
continuous activities to make peace and happiness prevail among 
the people, regardless of their caste or religious beliefs. 
 We sincerely hope that the efforts of the Ramakrishna Mission
 will continue to flourish in the future to ensure the welfare 
of the people in India”.  The prize was instituted in 1995 by 
a foundation for Madanjeet Singh, an international civil 
servant who headed the UNESCO.  Earlier recipients of the 
honor include Gandhian worker Narayan Desai and South 
Africa’s Bishop Desmond Tutu.  © Times of India

Bharat Vikas Parishad

Received award from Andhra Pradesh 
Chief Minister, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu. 
Best Self-Sustaining Effort by a
 Handicapped Person in the State 
(Margadarsi Award worth Rs. 4001/-) 
-Instituted by Margadarsi Chit Fund Ltd”.

Handicapped Workers

 More details in http://www.fapcci.org/archiveawards.html

Sewa Bharathi

Works with “MAMATA-Health Institute
 for Mother & Child”

Health & Women


Naya Jyoti Charities Trust

Successfully created a model home for 

Seniors’ Welfare


Miraj Medical Center

Affiliated with the Church of North India, 
is the only fully comprehensive healthcare
 entity in a 150-mile radius. 



http://www.pcusa.org is the web site of Presbyterian Church, USA.


Swami Vivekananda 
Medical Mission

Dr. Govindaraj of Swami Vivekananda 
Medical Mission received the 2001
 Governors Community Service Award
 for “Bringing Basic Amenities and 
Health Care to the Tribals in Kerala, India”.
Healthcare and Tribal welfare

American College of Chest Physicians has awarded Swami 
Vivekananda Medical Mission its 2001 Governor’s 
Community Service Award.  A featured article is 
at http://www.chestnet.org/ education/physician/chestsoundings/current/p2.php

The International Center
for Cultural Studies, Nagpur

ICSS has established relationships with 
international bodies to perform
research on Indo-African cultural studies. 
ICCS is a member of the Forum of Indian 
NGO for Cooperation with UN (FINCUN) 
and working member of the Asia Pacific
Center Japan. 

Promoting Cultural collaboration 
amongst nations with an 
understanding of indigenous

ICSS has conducted a joint conference with the School of Maori 
and Pacific Development, the University of Waikato, New Zealand. 

Sewa Bharathi, AP

Runs a wide variety of programs to help
impoverished  Indians.  These activities range
from destitute homes,rural development,
child reform centers, and services 
for handicapped children. 

Multi-focused NGO

Look at the statistics of programs/projects by Sewa Bharathi, AP

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